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Rihanna Tour

Rihanna 2014 - 2015 Tour Dates

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*If no event dates are listed above, then Rihanna is presently not on tour.

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rihanna tourRihanna Announces Late Summer 2014 Concert Tour Dates :
The beautiful and talented Rihanna has released her tour plans for 2014 and so far Rihanna has announced only 6 tour dates in which her concerts will shared with the ever popular Eminem. The gorgeous entertainer now has a tremndous following and all her fans should be pretty pleased. Last year she appeared at MTV's 2012 Video Music Awards singing one of her new songs named 'Cockiness/We Found Love" along with A$AP Rocky. Her last album, 'Talk That Talk' really proved that she is definitely a musical sensation and not a one hit wonder. 2013 looks to be another good year for Rihanna as she makes plans for her 2013 Tour and works on new music. Although notice she did cancel a large part of her U.S. tour dates earlier in the year due to an illness (they never released what it was) and many of the summer concert dates for Rihanna listed above (and below) consist of make-up dates for some of those show.

So far, besides a slew of international tour dates, Rihanna has announced 6 definite concerts in August of this year and we hope this will push her to have Rihanna tour dates into 2015 as well. We are not sure of what forced her to cancel her earlier leg of her tour, but let's hope that since her schedule is mostly clear now that Rihanna tour dates come pouring into her tour schedule.

8/7 @ Rose Bowl - Pasadena CA
8/8 @ Rose Bowl - Pasadena CA
8/16 @ MetLife Stadium - East Rutherford NJ
8/17 @ MetLife Stadium - East Rutherford NJ
8/22 @ Comerica Park - Detroit MI
8/23 @ Comerica Park - Detroit MI

Keep checking back for updated Rihanna tour schedule, concerts and 2014 tour dates.
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Rihanna tour

Rihanna at MTV’s 2012 VMA (Video Music Awards)

rihanna tour datesRihanna Sets Plan To Tour with Eminem on her latest mini-tour :
Earlier last year when Rihanna had to cancel most of her North American 2013 tour, both she and her fans were devistated. Her 'team' cited an illness as the reason for her to cancel, but they would not go into specifics about the illnes at all. People speculated this and that, but officially no word was ever given. Rihanna seems to be making it up for now. Rihanna tour dates have been slated in the U.S. for August, although only a small handful of concerts and shows have been announced.

Rihanna concerts are always a sight to behold. Not only is the entertainer always in something either skin tight or very revealing, Rihanna can sing and move and fly and more. You will never be in your seat unless you're a unhappy mush, otherwise you will be up and dancing along with everyone else. There is so much electricity and energy at shows that Rihanna puts on so try not to miss her if she plays near you.

All Rihanna tour dates, are listed above...

Don’t miss any of the Rihanna concerts or Rihanna tour dates that play near you and fit your schedule. More tour dates to be added to the tour schedule as it unfolds. Watch for added Rihanna concerts.

Rihanna Biography (Short bio on Rihanna) :
Rihanna biographyRihanna began her own pop and dance talent around June of 2005 when her first big music sensation called, 'Pon de Replay' first was releasd and Rihanna just kept on improving her talents by releasing hit song after hit song. In 2006 it was SOS, in 2007 it was Umbrella and in 2008 it was Disturbia; and yet she wasn't even neary done. She continued on and her popularity really went rocketing when she put out her third album 'Girl Gone Bad'. Born in Barbados under the name Robyn Rihanna Fenty on 2/20/1988, she displayed a special starlike persona as a young child by entering and winning talent and beauty contests. Even at a young age, Rihanna had a lot of talent.

Living on the small 'world' of Barbados, she never had a clue of the super stardom whe would reach as she got older. Once she became known to a popular producer from New York, she was given the opportunity to record her first album. After recording multiple demos and musical tests, she caught the ears & eyes of the mighty Jay-Z. After auditioning, she was quickly offered an opportunity with Def Jam and she signed on immediately. Click for full Rihanna Biography...

Rihanna tour dates

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